Otara is family-owned specialty coffee roastery based in Belgium.
We work with trusted partners to source the most flavorful and high-quality coffees from all around the world. All our coffees are 100% arabica, traceable, socially ethical and environmentally sustainable
We buy coffees that come from farms, owned by individuals, families and cooperatives, who share our values and are committed to quality. We believe that higher prices, paid to producers, drive innovation and empower farmers to invest in their land, business, family & communities and build more sustainable supply chain
When we roast - we do our best to preserve that quality and highlight unique characteristics of each coffee lot. Many years of experience in coffee tasting and roasting help us to develop best roasting profiles for each batch - to be able to celebrate aromas and flavors of each farmers' land, season and variety
We truly believe that a cup of coffee in the morning isn't just a caffeine buzz - but an exciting experience and daily ritual. Let us guide you through this magic 
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